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Pebble Kicks it into High Gear via Kickstarter

Check out this amazing story of start-up meets funding via simple, good video and well-engineered funding structure. The product looks great and will definitely appeal to Apple-gear crowd. Remember kids, Father’s Day is just around the corner.   Medication errors can happen anywhere, but mistakes in dispensing remedies injure thousands of folk a year. Several […]

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Finding Your Muse

When you work in a “distance” capacity, creative sparks aren’t as commonplace as say, in an agency or go-go corporate environ. Sometimes, they’re more like little embers, still hot to the touch and capable of starting something, but not as zippy gee whiz-y. Truth be told, that’s okay because working alone requires a different focus, […]

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The Swiss Armytization

Marketing communications denizens trolling the employment postings of late are feeling a bit inadequate. And why not? Writers must know html, designers have to be able to blog, press relations folks must have stronger marketing skills and so on and so on and whatever. As our dear friends in the HR bubble struggle to meet […]

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It’s About Time

The time to whip up some shoes for the cobbler’s kiddos, and of course the long over-due production of this site. Hopefully. I’m addressing both issues in ready fashion. The site is designed to provide background info, and solicit offers of consulting work, employment and/or JV opportunities from savvy, forward-moving individuals and companies. I am […]

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