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The debate on “Uptalking”

Having read Marybeth Seitz-Brown’s essay on linguistics and “uptalk” on Slate, I can say she is correct on every point except one: communicating WITH her audience. Years ago, I traveled to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan to help sell a marketing concept to audiences who mostly spoke english. Fortunately, beforehand I’d done some homework, and […]

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The Power of a Testimonial

One of our longtime clients, Complete Athlete, has the enviable business plan of “helping baseball players reach their genetic potential.” In short, they change young athletes’ lives, helping them climb the baseball ladder by teaching them how to stay healthy, how to perform and what to expect in pursuit of college-level (and possibly professional) baseball. […]

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Finding Your Muse

When you work in a “distance” capacity, creative sparks aren’t as commonplace as say, in an agency or go-go corporate environ. Sometimes, they’re more like little embers, still hot to the touch and capable of starting something, but not as zippy gee whiz-y. Truth be told, that’s okay because working alone requires a different focus, […]

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Reviewing the Komen Debacle

If you haven’t read more than one post or article on the communications meltdown the Susan G. Komen Foundation has inflicted upon itself, well you’ve been busy. We have observed some push-back on the proliferation of pink due to their successfully marketing their chief cause, including some of the ridiculous products and services attempting to […]

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Working Remotely – Begin With the End in Mind

Having been on the good and flawed sides of remote-work assignments, I can vouch for the need to correctly induct a new remote team member into your organization. Starting this relationship with a little extra care and energy (remember efforts that ‘meet halfway’ often don’t touch) from the folks at home base means the world […]

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