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Social Media – Hey Kids, Let’s Put on a Show!

Interestingly enough, Social Media continues to be “that thing” best left to the interns and young hires who “get it.” It is a lot like the company newsletter, the eBlast and various sundry promotions that sound great and feel good in the conference room, until it all rolls downhill to the poor lackey who’ll produce […]

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Pebble Kicks it into High Gear via Kickstarter

Check out this amazing story of start-up meets funding via simple, good video and well-engineered funding structure. The product looks great and will definitely appeal to Apple-gear crowd. Remember kids, Father’s Day is just around the corner.   Medication errors can happen anywhere, but mistakes in dispensing remedies injure thousands of folk a year. Several […]

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The Power of a Testimonial

One of our longtime clients, Complete Athlete, has the enviable business plan of “helping baseball players reach their genetic potential.” In short, they change young athletes’ lives, helping them climb the baseball ladder by teaching them how to stay healthy, how to perform and what to expect in pursuit of college-level (and possibly professional) baseball. […]

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Social Media Isn’t the MarCom Stepchild

Several recent conversations glaringly revealed what many of us working the marketing communications beat know to still be true: the majority of corporate marketing folks still view social media as the bastard stepchild in their communications strategy. Point of fact, it’s really even closer to the company newsletter: often neglected, always an afterthought and largely […]

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