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Getting Sound Right

I once sought out professional opinion on a series of podcasts I was developing for GuruTrack. One highly-admired journalist (yes, we use to have many of them) was kind enough to comment, although he chided me (nee SCOLDED me) about the sound quality, saying it seemed to have been recorded in a lavatory stall. Shocked, […]

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Advice from the Great Ones

Had to share this recent post from Fast Company with great counsel from Lee Clow and George Lois. I especially like Lois’ quote on getting the great work done. I look in the mirror and I work with the brightest person I know,” he says. He advises that you need to trust and believe in […]

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Pebble Kicks it into High Gear via Kickstarter

Check out this amazing story of start-up meets funding via simple, good video and well-engineered funding structure. The product looks great and will definitely appeal to Apple-gear crowd. Remember kids, Father’s Day is just around the corner.  

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Finding Your Muse

When you work in a “distance” capacity, creative sparks aren’t as commonplace as say, in an agency or go-go corporate environ. Sometimes, they’re more like little embers, still hot to the touch and capable of starting something, but not as zippy gee whiz-y. Truth be told, that’s okay because working alone requires a different focus, […]

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Unexpected Discoveries

You just never know. A clever take on a TED Talk. Watch this bit of fun, decease then see the whole story here.  

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