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Social Media – Speaking in Tongues

I happen to know some really great social media folks. My big three always come to mind when I’m pondering my clients’ next moves or refining their voice to create more engagement.

They are:

  1. Valorie Luther
  2. Jim David
  3. Chris Goulet

Each has a special affinity for converting client marketing/advertising/PR needs and desires into real conversations, with real people (customers, employees, fans) to create a real community. You should hire them.

They also collectively possess one muy importante trait: empathy.

SocialMedia-SpeakingInTounguesWithout empathy your social media activities are just so much talk. Talking at potential customers, clients and fans is rarely effective in this digital world. Talking with them can be magical.

So, no real news bulletins there, but it merits discussing again and again. I meet with “non-social” clients and prospective clients each week. They all feel the need to be in the social media space, because it’s what’s done these days and they do not want to miss out. Most, however, do not see the value in it, or grasp what it is going to take (the hours/building profiles/foundational stuff aside) to be effective. They don’t get it means opening up, asking questions, reaching out (I just wrote “reaching out,” ugh) to discover what really makes their audience care and click.

And treating it like a marketing move, they want to instantly measure, see results and get the word out about them.

I get that. My corporate and agency lives make those wants quite clear. I also know that only the strong social media types know how to navigate the Mazlovian meanderings to communicate a clear strategy and implement an ongoing process that does deliver data, and insights, and community over time.

So, while marcom has its place and dialect, social media is a different tongue. And without that empathy accenting the conversation, it is transparently more of the same. Your audience will know it immediately.

The takeaway? It takes time, budget and courage to speak social media correctly. Hire a practitioner who gets it instead of handing it off to interns and “young people” like the old company newsletter. They can/should be a part of the process, after you have a plan and voice in place.

I also do this for clients I like, so please feel free to contact me for answers, and questions and engagement. And empathy.


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