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It’s About Time

Just a phone call away @ 214.957.8059

The time to whip up some shoes for the cobbler’s kiddos, and of course the long over-due production of this site.

Hopefully. I’m addressing both issues in ready fashion.

The site is designed to provide background info, and solicit offers of consulting work, employment and/or JV opportunities from savvy, forward-moving individuals and companies. I am ready to review any offer and willing to do what it takes in the right scenario.

Please take a few minutes to peruse the site and get a feel for my abilities and go-go drive. I want to help you succeed.

If you’re looking for a hybrid talent with both seasoning and energy, contact me today. We’ll both save time, and we’ll both make money.


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I'm a hybrid talent with extensive corporate and agency experience in results-driven marketing communications, and creative management. I draw from a well of talent for design, copywriting, internal/external communications, brand development, social media, ecommerce, selling and speaking. I have built companies from scratch and run agency and corporate departments. I am remarkably resourceful and dialed-in to digital innovation, business trends and media (print to social).
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